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Mobility solutions for corporations

Global mobility of employees is essential for any corporation that has multiple operations around the world. International assignments in particular are vital for the continuation and growth of international businesses. However, corporate mobility is a specialized and costly investment that demands expertize, IT-tools and continuous attention: resources that are not always available or affordable, especially in small and mid-sized corporations.

Gosselin provides moving, destination and consultancy services that support your global mobility programs in every aspect.

Global mobility services

Corporate relocation, although common in the business world today, remains a process fraught with pressure and risk. For the assignee and their family, there is the pressure to succeed in an entirely new environment. For the employer there is the pressure of navigating through foreign laws and regulations, with the potential to make time-consuming, costly mistakes.

To limit the business cost it is key to ensure your employee and their families settle in quickly. At Gosselin, we provide mobility services that protect your investments and empower your people.

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