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Diplomatic moving

For diplomats and public officials, moving abroad is part of the job description. It should never become a job in itself, however.

We know that the core concerns for relocating officials are always going to be a swift and smooth relocation, the secure handling of confidential information, an in-depth knowledge of regulations at both origin and destination, and a clear, open pricing system. Such moves require an expert touch, so that officials can get on with their real jobs.

At the heart of Europe

Over the last 25 years Gosselin has turned into one of the leading providers of relocation services, not only in Belgium, but for diplomats and public officials within the whole EU.

Apart from European Union staff, we also serve government institutions, embassies, national armed forces, NATO, and various other headquarters based throughout Europe.

With our offices spread out over the continent, we're perfectly placed to handle the exacting requirements of relocating officials.

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