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Gosselin offers high quality moving services for art and travelling exhibitions  

Moving art internationally

For years Gosselin has been offering high quality moving services for art and travelling exhibitions. Whether you need to transport a three meter sculpture that weighs 4000 kilograms or a container full of paintings, Gosselin is the partner for you! With our experience, special equipment, and trained staff we can offer you a full service and a stress-free art move.


Moving art is a precarious business. The pieces come in all sizes and shapes with measurements that always require custom packing. They're often fragile and need special equipment to be moved. Gosselin knows how to handle your art and will provide all the paperwork going from insurance, custom clearance, to the necessary permits required for the transport on public roads.

Take a look at all our previous art moves!

Moving art
Gosselin delivers a full-service for your (international) art move
  • Expert packing with quality materials
  • Specialized transport for heavy items
  • Insurance, border control, and permits
  • Temporary storage in our bonded warehouses

Museums work around tight schedules, displaying one exhibition after another. But with our own bonded warehouses across the world, Gosselin can easily provide temporary storage for your travelling exhibition. Fill in the form below to receive a free quote for your (international) art move!

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Our previous art moves

World Art Day

Throwback to all the Gosselin art moves

On March 15th we celebrate #World Art Day. And there's no better way to do so than to look back on all the art moves Gosselin has completed throughout the years
Venice art move

Gosselin brings Arne Quinze art back to Belgium

Barbara Savelli and her team moved a statue weighing 4,000 kilograms and measuring three meters in length from Belgium to Venice in the spring of 2022. Recently, it was time to move the art back to Belgium. Yet another ideal job for Gosselin Moving and Heavy, working together in perfect tandem.
Travelling exhibition

Travelling exhibitions demand expert packing

Gosselin completed a new fine art move for the National Archeologic Museum, Aquilea. Twenty-five works of ancient art had to be moved from Italy to Lithuania, and the museum was looking for a packing expert.
Venice art move

A difficult move with a tight schedule? Piece of cake for Gosselin

Moving a three-meter-long statue that weighs about 4,000 kilograms all the way from Belgium to Venice is a project that normally requires several weeks of preparations. Barbara Savelli of Gosselin Italy only had one week to get the job done. The project resulted in a wonderful collaboration between Gosselin Moving and Heavy.
Contemporary art and artists from Italy

The Silk Road, a route of collaborations

The Silk Road, Contemporary Art and Artists from Italy is an exhibition that travels the ancient trading route connecting China with the West. Gosselin proves to be the perfect partner with offices that cover the entire Silk Road area from the Caucasus, Central-Asia, and Europe.
Art move Arne Quinze

Moving art can become a masterpiece

Artist Arne Quinze contacted Gosselin to move several large sculptures to the international exposition that is being held in Jebel Ali (Dubai). A total of six containers will be required for the move.