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Gosselin Code of Ethics


Gosselin is proud to be an Industry leader in many areas, including the implementation of a Code of Ethics for all of the Company´s activities which has been in place since 2004.

The Gosselin Code of Ethics, which is updated regularly in order to conform to the highest industry and governmental standards, is audited both externally on an annual basis and internally on an on-going basis.
The audits involve all Gosselin units as well as operating subsidiaries and organizations.
You can be assured that the audit results are submitted regularly to the Gosselin Board of Directors both for review and for discussion with the Gosselin Ethics Compliance Officer.

Consistent with the Code, all employees are trained on the high standards of ethics and integrity which the Code requires.
We are especially proud to report that since the Code´s implementation in 2004, there have been no reports or claims of Code violations by any of our employees.

You can rely fully on Gosselin's ethical integrity in doing business with us, just as you can rely upon our well-deserved reputation for professional and highest quality service.

Gosselin will be pleased to provide you any information you may require concerning its Code of Conduct.

Please find the Gosselin Group Code of Conduct here.