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Whether you’re moving locally or internationally, Gosselin Mobility can provide you with destination information to prepare you for your arrival. Our knowledgeable relocation consultants can introduce you to the culture, traditions, business style and social etiquette for wherever you’re off to.

To take a look in advance, we’ve compiled the following links for your reference:

Contact your local Gosselin Mobility office in Italy


Did you know that giving somebody the thumbs up in Iran and some other Middle Eastern countries is the basest of insults? Or that in Thailand and Laos you should never touch somebody on the head (a sacred part of the body)? Let our relocation consultants advise you on what to do and what not to do so you can avoid cultural faux pas and start off on the right foot.


Nothing will help you to succeed in your new environment better than speaking the local language. To brush up on your French or learn the basics of Dutch in advance, just ask your relocation consultant. We’ll find the course you’re after, with hours that suit you, so that you can arrive prêt à entreprendre.