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International moving for singles and families

Decided to move abroad? Congratulations! International relocation is usually an exciting step in life that opens up new horizons and opportunities.

However, moving also brings with it plenty of challenges, unknowns and risks. It raises a million questions and gives you another million things to remember. No wonder moving is consistently voted as one of the most stressful events anyone can go through! It requires support and expertize tailored to your individual situation.

Moving services that give peace to mind

Gosselin expertly organizes and executes local and international moves that suit your budget, taking care to minimize your very understandable stress along the way.

Our professional move coordinators are crucial in this respect: they address all of your concerns, tailor-make your move according to your requirements, and keep you informed every step of the way.

After all, they know that it’s your life we’re moving, not just your belongings.

Moving to a new destination can be full of challenges
We move you, your family and all your precious belongings

Moving with kids

At Gosselin we are happy to offer you guidance and support when it comes to moving with children. As a family-owned business we know that it's important to keep all family members happy throughout the emotional upheaval of moving; it's not just about the parents!

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Insurance for international and domestic moves

Gosselin will always treat your belongings with the utmost of care, but human error and ‘Murphy's law’ are nonetheless possible. Having insurance coverage allows you to focus on the actual removal, rather than worrying about unforeseen complications.

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We will always advice you to insure your belongings
Our staff is trained to pack your goods carefully and professionally

Professional packing

Getting your belongings to your new destination in their original condition is arguably the most important part of any move. Let us save you time, energy and worry by letting our experts pack for you.

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Tips & Guides

To help you get a head-start in your preparations, we’ve compiled some checklists, guides, references and tips based on our years of experience in the industry. Of course we’ll make your move as smooth as possible, but arming yourself with knowledge in advance will definitely help to ease some of those pre-move jitters.

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Moving to another country can be quite an undertaking. Read our tips and tricks.

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