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Moving diplomats and embassies

Gosselin moves you to and from all major diplomatic hubs in Europe

When diplomats move

For diplomats and public officials, moving abroad is part of the job description. It should never become a job in itself, though. 

Your swift and smooth diplomatic relocation is your main concern. Let Gosselin worry about the practicalities: secure handling of confidential information, in-depth knowledge of regulations at both origin and destination, and our clear, open pricing system.

Such complex moves require an expert touch, so that you can get on with your actual job.

Diplomatic removal: a network suited to your needs

When it comes to moving diplomats, Gosselin has a few dozen years of experience to fall back on.

Apart from European Union staff, we also serve government institutions, embassies, national armed forces, NATO, and various other headquarters based throughout Europe.

Our pan-European network of offices lends itself perfectly to the mobility needs of diplomats and officials: Gosselin has experienced staff in diplomatic hubs such as Brussels, Rome, Moscow, Prague, The Hague, Paris, London, Geneva and Bern. 

At home in unfamiliar places

Gosselin also benefits from its presence in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Countries such as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are often seen as impenetrable, but our experience says otherwise. 

Diplomats will move to destinations that are different from the places commercial companies will send expats to. Very few if any companies will send expats to Ndjamena in Chad, Bangui in the Central African Republic or Harare in Zimbabwe. All of these countries have special procedures for import and export and for obtaining diplomatic accreditations and exemptions. We are familiar with all of them. 

Get in touch today and discover the wealth of experience in diplomatic services that Gosselin can offer you.  

FAQ for diplomats

Can I ship a car?

We can ship your car along with your household goods, either separately or in the same container or truck. 

Alternatively, we can assist you with finding a new car in your new place of posting. Gosselin works closely with several car dealerships in key locations worldwide. Whether you are going to live in Brussels or Addis Ababa, we've got you covered.

Do you use multimodal shipping solutions?

Depending on cost-efficiency and availability, We can ship your household goods internationally vehicle either through air, sea or road and keep you up to date about its location.

Depending on cost-efficiency and availability, we can also employ eco-friendly solutions as transportation by barge.

Do you offer storage?

We own +200,000 m² of warehouses in 34 countries in Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. On top of that, we can rely on a trusted-partner network, which allows us to help you virtually any country.

You can trust us with anything that might need a temporary home, both short and long term.

How can Gosselin help me with the VAT refund of newly bought goods?

Anything you buy 2 months or less before making your move to a new country, is up for a VAT refund. Gosselin can assist you with your claim. Before leaving, provide us with the invoices of all the newly bought goods you are taking to your new home. We will obtain the export documents you need to claim your refunds.

Can I take out insurance for moving costs?

Yes. We strongly recommend you to insure your shipping and freight charges with a moving-costs insurance, as it guarantees a refund for all moving costs in the rare case of a complete destruction of your goods.

Any additional questions about insurance? Get in touch.

Can't find your question? 

Read through our other FAQ's or contact us directly.

Latest news

Czech consul move

Gosselin: the moving company that always makes you feel at home

The Czech Consulate in Sydney reached out over 16,000 kilometers to request a quote for the relocation of the Consul General back to her home country again after five years in Australia. The Gosselin office in Czechia was more than happy to handle the full-container move and the client was delighted with her Czech move coordinator.
International moving companies

Moving diplomats internationally

Charged with a diplomatic move from Paris to Tashkent, Gosselin called on the services of Olivier, one of our seasoned experts for diplomatic moves. For those unfamiliar with Tashkent, it’s the capital of Uzbekistan, and is more than 6,000 km from Paris.
diplomatic moving: Jill, Tonni, Chantal, Stefan

Always a solution for your diplomatic move

Diplomats who use Gosselin for their moves can rely on a dedicated team of customer service employees. A mini-interview with four seasoned colleagues who have earned their spurs in diplomatic moves.
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