Moving to or from Prague Czech Republic

Moving to or from Prague, Czechia

Leave your worries behind

International moving services

So you are moving to Prague, capital of Czechia, or one of the other great Czech cities? What a beautiful spot for a brand new life. You won’t regret moving there. That is, if you put the entire process in experienced hands.

Thanks to Gosselin, many diplomats, employees and private persons have been moving to Prague or Brno without hiccups. Ever since 1992, we have been moving entire families and households to the Czech Republic.

Moving valuable belongings to Czechia

Don’t worry, an experienced party like Gosselin flawlessly moves your valuable belongings. Your relocation to Prague or Brno will be quick and painless. We have a long expertise in the field of moving household goods, motor vehicles and fine art in and out of Czechia.

Gosselin international moving services

Moving to Czechia with care

Nothing is more important to us than what is important to you. We move your entire household with the utmost care, guaranteed. We count on a reliable A-class team of trained English speaking movers, who use premium wrapping materials.

How we move your household goods

Flexible and cost-effective transport

Solutions for all situations. We can offer flexible and cost-effective options while keeping the service quality high thanks to a wide network of branches around Europe and partners worldwide. We have dedicated truck drivers cruising European roads. We mastered the small volume shipments on road and sea and can get your belongings anywhere around the world at a reasonable cost.

Gosselin moves you to and from the Czech Republic

Start your new life in the Czech Republic

Moving to Prague or Brno is one thing. Relocating, on the other hand, is a whole different story. Not only do we pack, transport and unpack your belongings, we also take care of all the details that are crucial to your new life. It’s what Gosselin does best. Among our happy customers, we include hundreds of successfully relocated foreign diplomats, government officials and ambassadors, top executives and their families, and private persons.
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