Gosselin moves you to and from France

Moving to or from France

Our experience saves you time and energy

Moving from one house to another is a time-consuming and intense task. Leaving everything behind and relocating to a new country is an even higher league. That is why the smartest move when in a similar situation is to work with an experienced partner with a proven track record.

Gosselin has been moving corporate employees, diplomats and private households to Paris and other locations in France – and the entire world for that matter - since 2002. We are specialized in setting up the practical side of your new life abroad.

In 2018 our Paris office received its FIDI accreditation, which means we operate according to the highest quality standards in the moving industry. 

Focus on your new life

There are hardly limits to what we do. We take care of everything related to your moving and relocation process: from packing and moving to administration. Let us save you the stress part of moving, so you can completely focus on your new life.

Gosselin packs your household goods professionally

Moving to France

Whether you own common household goods or have very specific wishes, we are fully equipped to move whatever you want to take with you.  Our strategically located warehouses and extensive transportation network enable a smooth moving process.

Moving services at destination

Relocating to France

You are going to need energy and Internet providers, car insurance or a public transportation subscription. And if you have children, a school of their liking is paramount for their future. Don’t worry. Let Gosselin take care of it all, according to your wishes and preferences.

We move you to and from France

Moving to a new home anywhere in France

If you’re moving to Paris, you’ll be living not only in the city of love, but also in a leading global city that is home to many corporate headquarters, Fortune 500 companies, embassies and expat communities. That also applies when your new home is located in Lyon, Nantes, Marseille or Bordeaux. All of which are cities to which we have been moving diplomats, corporate employees and private households for decades.
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