Gosselin Supply chain wizard

“Self-learning Neural Network for and by our colleagues”

The Supply Chain Wizard gives a 360° view of all our European and partner opportunities. This way we combine the more traditional way of European groupage with today’s technology and the knowledge and daily encounters of 56 offices across Europe, the Caucasus & Central Asia to come up with the most effective solution for the move of tomorrow.

What is it?

“At the same time our Supply Chain Wizard is a system that analyzes compliance data based on internal and external auditing, economical comparison, quality scoring, and reciprocity for all our worldwide partners. This is overseen by our Partner Relations Manager Jessica Deutschmann”, Gert van Engelenburg explains. “Combining all that knowledge helps us come up with the most effective solution for a move.”

Why do we need it?

"On the European side, Gosselin operates a network of trucks, both on the moving and logistics side throughout her entire footprint: Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. But as any moving company, we can’t perform every move ourselves and we are constantly working with our partners to optimize European loads to avoid additional costs and the linked ecological impact of running non-optimized trips."

"Unfortunately, we can’t group 56 offices and the complete staff in one central physical location, so everyone naturally had their preferences that were only shared with others on request and definitely served its purpose for the time in the past. The Supply Chain Wizard tool helps our partners to gain visibility with offices who have never worked with them before."

"Where we had to manually contact companies before, now with the Supply Chain Wizard,we get a list with possible partners with only a few clicks. Not only does this guarantee a good collaboration, compliance and using true partners that also work in return with Gosselin, it also gives an additional advantage for our incoming and outgoing worldwide groupage, where we can use more efficient ways of transport, both on transit times and on the cost side."

 Self-learning Neural Network

“If there has been a similar move a while ago, the system will tell you which partner offered the best option”, Gert explains, "of course pricing is important but there’s also a quality assessment involved and even transit time will be added into the comparison.” Mails are sent automatically, quotes can be exchanged within the EU, and there’s a possibility to communicate with our partners via the online portal. With this unique portal, we can combine the knowledge of more than 800 colleagues and a continuous feedback loop about all ongoing moves within one central place.

“We’re currently working on expanding and combining data for the Supply Chain Wizard with Gosselin Transport Services. They run into the same issues where everybody has their own preferences and are also in need of a more centralized approach.”

If you would like to know more about the Supply Chain Wizard or if you would like to work together on optimizing your trucks within Europe, please contact Gert van Engelenburg.

About Gosselin

Gosselin is a leading provider of international moving and destination services. Our clients are  multinationals, relocation management companies, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private persons. With 56 offices in 34 countries, Gosselin has a strong presence in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. 
Gosselin is a division of the Gosselin Group that has its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in 1930 and employs a staff of 800 that generates more than 270 million euros in turnover.


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