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My first IMA conference for Gosselin

“The IMA (International Mobility Alliance) is one of the smaller conferences, which makes it very unique and gives it a homely feeling. It does however provide the full range of networking possibilities, one-on-one meeting schedules, as well as organized tours and evening events. After only four days I was sure to have talked to every agent at least once.

This year some of the biggest networks in the industry attended, as well as a good mixture of companies from all over the globe.

I am convinced that this conference will only grow stronger in the next years. Organizer Patricia Jade Ooi is still keeping its next location confidential; no doubt it will be held in another wonderful city in Asia. At Gosselin we are already looking forward to attending in 2021!”


“I am very grateful that I could still travel to Asia and meet our partners in Singapore and attend the conference, despite the outbreak of COVID-19. The IMA team was able to proceed with the conference as planned and I was able to get home safely, without any issue with my flights.

The Coronavirus will definitely be a challenge in our industry, in which we rely so much on personal relationships. On a positive note, I believe it will also teach us how to truly stay connected with each other.”

Hope to see you soon,


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