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Always a solution for your diplomatic move

Diplomats who use Gosselin for their moves can rely on a dedicated team of customer service employees. A mini-interview with four seasoned colleagues who have earned their spurs in diplomatic moves.

Jill, Tonnie and Stefan form the team that ensures that EEAS moves are brought to a successful conclusion. Chantal is responsible for the contract that Gosselin signed with the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This team has over 60 years of cumulative experience in the moving sector! During what is traditionally a very busy period in the moving sector, we fired a few short questions at them.

diplomatic moving: Jill, Tonni, Chantal, Stefan

What do you think is the best quality a customer service employee can have?

Tonnie: “Being patient and a good communicator. I always try to put myself in the place of the diplomat who is moving.”

Jill: “Being a good judge of character plus a healthy dose of flexibility and engagement definitely come in handy in this job!”

Chantal: “Transparent communication, setting priorities, and loyalty. I always focus as much as possible on the client’s wishes, and respect all of the agreements we make.”

Stefan: “Always being able to provide a fast solution. This is the most important quality for me. After all, no matter how well you plan, unexpected situations can crop up now and then.”


Do you like to travel in your free time? What is your dream destination?

Chantal: “There are so many countries that are worth visiting. I look at the cultural offering, traditions, food culture and the contact with the locals.”

Tonnie: “Madagascar, no doubt about it. I would love to go there to see the unspoiled nature that is totally unique when compared to the rest of the world.”

Jill: “Give me any destination in South America. There’s so much to see there, from breathtaking beaches to tropical rainforests. The vibe and ambiance in South America really appeal to me.”

Stefan: “I am in my dream destination right now, having just moved a few weeks ago. Before this, I lived and worked in Bucharest until I realized it’s just as easy to do this work from a home office. Now I live 200 kilometers from the capital in the Romanian mountains.”


Thanks for your responses and best of luck during the busy summer months!


About Gosselin

Gosselin is a leading provider of international moving and destination services. Our clients are  multinationals, relocation management companies, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private persons. With 56 offices in 34 countries, Gosselin has a strong presence in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. 
Gosselin is a division of the Gosselin Group that has its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in 1930 and employs a staff of 800 that generates more than 270 million euros in turnover.

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