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Business Activity Ukraine and Russia: Update

March 18, 2022 - Gosselin is closely monitoring the situation in Eastern Europe. Since the beginning of the conflict Gosselin has kept short communication lines with both offices.

All our Ukrainian staff members are safe, but business in Ukraine remains halted until further notice. We remain in regular contact with Vlad Vasylenko, our local general manager. We are reviewing the list of shipments to/from/in Ukraine and will advise our customers and partners individually on the latest status.

In Russia the situation also changes every day. Shipping to and from Russia has been significantly impacted by the latest escalation of events. The current situation with supply chain options is really unpredictable and changing almost every day. Gosselin Moscow office is in touch with different transport companies, port agents and airfreight agents as well, on a daily basis.

Please be informed that the indicative rates, not fixed rates for international road transport increased approximately threefold since February, 24th February 2022. Transport rates may be valid for one day only and change the next.

Gosselin Moscow office remains operational, available for the expat community in the country, but is experiencing a very high demand for exports and storage.

Further in detail:

  • Russia imports
    To be sent to Antwerp by the agents. We then quote the on-forwarding to Russia the day we have a transport option.
  • Russia exports
    International road transport approx. 3 times more expensive than before the crisis, rates valid for 1 day.Transit time: before 7 days, now 11 days, but the availability of trucks is the biggest challenge.
  • Sea freight
    Right now, Gosselin routes sea shipments by truck to Antwerp. Sea shipments are not an option for Russian citizens. They only have road (truck) or air as possible transportation modes. Transit time extended by 14 days or more.
  • Airfreight
    Rates have doubled or tripled while capacity is (very) limited. Transit times via Istanbul or Dubai have doubled.
  • Storage
    We have sufficient capacity to store goods in Moscow (or Antwerp).


Business Activity Ukraine on hold

For the latest updates on Russia please contact Viktor Gordievich. For rates requests please contact Andrey Khomenko.

The situation remains very tense and is prone to fast changes. Our colleagues will do everything they can to inform partners and customers about changes that might impact their move(s).

Marcel Jörg
CEO Gosselin (Moving)
+41 31 528 27 96

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