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Gosselin brings Arne Quinze art back to Belgium

Barbara Savelli and her team moved a statue weighing 4,000 kilograms and measuring three meters in length from Belgium to Venice in the spring of 2022. Recently, it was time to move the art back to Belgium. Yet another ideal job for Gosselin Moving and Heavy, working together in perfect tandem.

“The first part of the operation consisted of disassembling the structures and removing all the protective materials that were put in place on-site. We then had a professional packer wrap the art in special paper that was shrunk with heat to mold to the contours of the pieces,” Andrea Cardelli from Gosselin Italy explains.

During the first move, the ship was docked far from the garden location where the art was to be exhibited, but this time the crew was able to move the pallets carrying both the pedestals for the art and the work itself over a distance of 100 meters and across a couple of bridges in Venice. The ship transported the art back to our depot in Venice, where it was loaded onto a truck to be returned to Belgium.

Arne Quinze art move

“Moves like these are tricky because on the one hand you have to be fast so the museum can start setting up the next exhibition, but you also need lots of permits and permissions in a city like Venice,” Andrea adds. However, with two cranes on-site, plenty of preparations, and a huge crew of experienced movers, everything went smoothly. “Both the curator of the museum and the customer were satisfied.”

You can reach the office in Italy at: 

Barbara Savelli
Branch Manager

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