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Gosselin recipient of 2022 Diversity Award

Together with five other companies, Gosselin was one of the winners of the 2022 Diversity Award in recognition of its strong skills development and diversity policies in 2021. According to Anja Brosthardt, Operations Director, Gosselin puts substantial effort into training its employees.

“When new people are hired, they continuously get training in areas such as packing techniques, coaching on the work floor, safety, ergonomically optimal work settings, how the various moving lifts work, and so on. We always evaluate the entire team to see if anyone needs extra training or to brush up on what they learned in their previous training programs.

Gosselin works closely with BKV, the Belgium Chamber of Movers. This organization is responsible for everything involving training or recruitment. The €1500 check Anja received during the general meeting was completely unexpected; even though she has been promoting good training and follow-up for her movers for years, the extra support was definitely welcome. “I was really happy with the award. It proves that we’re on the right track,” Anja says. “Investing a lot in your employees is important, and this check will be applied internally for even more coaching and training.”

Gosselin Diversity Award

About Gosselin

Gosselin is a leading provider of international moving and destination services. Our clients are  multinationals, relocation management companies, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private persons. With 56 offices in 34 countries, Gosselin has a strong presence in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. 
Gosselin is a division of the Gosselin Group that has its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in 1930 and employs a staff of 800 that generates more than 270 million euros in turnover.

FAIM Top Performer

Gosselin UK among first to receive FAIM 22 Top Performer score

The new FAIM 22 has started maintaining more stringent criteria since the start of this year, and the Gosselin UK office has succeeded in achieving the Top Performer score. Out of over 600 FIDI members, only eight have received this certification.
Gosselin embassy move

Gosselin Germany delivers reliable service

After completing a successful job in Tbilisi, Gosselin received a request for a similar assignment for the Residence of the German Ambassador to Slovenia, located in Ljubljana. The office in Germany collaborated with the colleagues in Georgia during the last project. For this move however, they worked with the office in Croatia, once more establishing a full Gosselin move from start to finish, and demonstrating the continuity in their services.
CM Troostwijk Auction logistics

Auction Logistics and Gosselin Moving join forces

In cooperation with Gosselin Moving, Auction Logistics moved around 700 lots from the various CM departments in Hasselt to the ground floor level. Belgium’s largest insurance fund, Christelijke Mutualiteit (CM), is moving to a new location, and sold the furnishings via an online auction organized by Troostwijk Auctions.