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Welcome to our news section

Lennert De Jong new vice-chair of IAM Young Professionals

IAM, the International Association of Movers, doesn’t need any introductions for anyone who’s active in the moving industry. The Young Professionals are a separate group within IAM. “As an affiliate group within IAM, we are enthusiastic go-getters under 40 who love to brainstorm,” Lennert explains, “and we have an ambitious program where we exchange ideas, network, launch business initiatives and devote time to charities.

Basically, our goal is to be a platform that promotes the personal and professional development of all members 39 and younger.” Elections were held in August for a new Young Professionals board. Previously vice-chair, Sheena Kiser of Seacorp was elected as chair and Lennert De Jong of Gosselin is the new vice-chair. “It’s a huge honor,” Lennert says. 

How do you network in times of corona?

“We’ve come up with new ways to still be able to ‘meet up’, such as happy hours and interesting online sessions. The online sessions were really a bright spot during the lockdown phase; it was a way for colleagues and friends in the industry to socialize. During the online session there was an opportunity to donate to Move For Hunger:  this charity focuses on the pandemic and supports people who have been hit the hardest by corona through donations to MoveForHunger. You can still make a donation to this cause, and I urge everyone to do this.”

Lennert De Jong elected vice-chair IAM Young Professionals

About the AIM Young Professionals


IAM-YP members receive all electronic communications sent by the Association, including the IAM-YP eNewsletter, On the Move. They appear in our online directory, and have access to Facebook groups where they share information and network.

Aside from the year-round benefits, YPs also have their own schedule of events at the IAM Annual Meeting with ample networking opportunities. Some highlights of the IAM-YP schedule include a teambuilding event, IAM-YP welcome reception, and the very popular Social Mixer, which in the latest physical form was a “Party With A Purpose” in support of the Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund.

IAM-YP membership is open to those individuals who are employees of IAM Members and who are 39 years old or younger when they join the group. To join the IAM-YP, fill out the membership form and click submit. You will be contacted by IAM staff.


About Gosselin

Gosselin is a leading provider of international moving and destination services. Our clients are multinationals, relocation management companies, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private persons. With 56 offices in 34 countries, Gosselin has a strong presence in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. 
Gosselin is a division of the Gosselin Group that has its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in 1930 and employs a staff of 800 that generates more than 270 million Euros in turnover.

Art move Bernini

Traveling exhibitions: old masters on world tour

In April, the American city of Auburn welcomed the Bernini & the Roman Baroque exposition. For this expo, fifty paintings and other objects created in the provocative style of Bernini, famous for the Trevi Fountain in Rome, travelled from Italy to Alabama. “This move owes its success to the tight scheduling and strict precautionary measures,” says Roberta from Gosselin Italy.
diplomatic moving: Jill, Tonni, Chantal, Stefan

Always a solution for your diplomatic move

Diplomats who use Gosselin for their moves can rely on a dedicated team of customer service employees. A mini-interview with four seasoned colleagues who have earned their spurs in diplomatic moves.
Art moving Goya

Goya goes on tour with Gosselin

Can you learn more about someone’s personality just by looking at their exterior? This question inspired the famous painter Goya to produce a series of etchings with humanized animal faces and fearful creatures. Petr’s team in the Czech Republic was responsible for the professional move of the Fisonomista expo.