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Moving across the crystal waters of Sicily

Read about the lucky crews from Gosselin

For this move, the Gosselin crew in Italy braved tall waves and narrow streets to deliver two trucks filled with antique furniture with tremendous emotional value to the Gattopardo Park Hotel in Lipari. The heavy goods arrived safely all the way from Canada to the port of Catania where they continued their journey to the small island via ferries.

Fabiola, the owner of the hotel, feared the shipping and import customs process involved in receiving her family inheritance would be difficult, but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. “Gosselin handled the transport of my furniture, including booking the ferries, passing unscathed through narrow streets, and dealing with access issues on the island. They also took care of coordinating all of the customs documents, offering a smooth and fast transfer at the Port Customs in Catania.”

Gattopardo Hotel move
Tall waves and narrow streets

“There were a few logistic challenges,” Barbara Savelli, branch manager of Gosselin Italy, explains, “starting with the ferries that had to transport the furniture from the port of Catania to the island itself. In the winter the ferries are at the mercy of the weather and in the summer, they are often overbooked with tourists.” The trip had to be postponed once because of rough seas, but Gosselin managed to ensure the shipment arrived in Lipari safely thanks to Patrizio Quadrini’s expert coordination.

“The Gosselin team was very polite,” Fabiola adds, “and were extremely careful when unloading and unpacking the furniture.” Not only were there several very valuable antique pieces such as the piano, but the items also hold great emotional value for Fabiola who inherited them from her uncle in Canada. Born and raised on the island of Lipari, she runs the family business that is active in the tourist sector, the Gattopardo Park Hotel.*

Gattopardo (“The Leopard”) is a famous novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa that chronicles the changes in Sicilian life and society during the Risorgimento, otherwise known as the unification of Italy. The process that ultimately united all of the different states of the Italian Peninsula into a single state began with the revolution in 1848 and was completed in 1871. The Kingdom of Italy was founded with Rome as its official capital.

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Barbara Savelli
Branch Manager

Gosselin offers regular services to Sicily, including via consolidated service from main hubs Milan, Rome and Naples.

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Gosselin Diversity Award

Gosselin recipient of 2022 Diversity Award

Together with five other companies, Gosselin was one of the winners of the 2022 Diversity Award in recognition of its strong skills development and diversity policies in 2021.
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Gosselin opens office in Berlin

With fifteen years of experience in the moving industry, Dennis Cuhls is the man who will help expand Gosselin in Germany. His task is to expand the German operation to meet the needs of our agent partners as well as corporate and private customers.
Business Activity Ukraine on hold

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April 19 2022: Following the 5th package of EU sanctions vs Russia and Belarus and particularly vs Russian and Belarusian transport companies, we now have some additional information to share.