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Pionira and Gosselin say goodbye to paper transport documents

Antwerp, October 10 2017: 

“Digitization is one of the cornerstones of our future vision,” says Nathalie Luyckx, quality manager at the Gosselin Group. “Today we are taking a new step by phasing out paper transport documents. We are doing this for our logistics as well as our moving activities. The paper transport documents (CMR) are making way for a cloud-based application (e-CMR).”

“There is still some static in the administrative chain in the transport sector,” Barry Van Leuven, managing director of Pionira says. “A shipper calls in, faxes or emails the transport order. This order is then retyped into a local software program, and the transport documents are printed out. The current method is not only repetitive and laborious, but also susceptible to errors, duplication and omissions. Then there are the cases when the shipper also prepares transport documents, a driver forgets to write down the loading and unloading times on the document, an address is reproduced incorrectly and on and on.”

Digital transport documents make these administrative tasks transparent and efficient. “There is no risk of duplication; the transport documents are prepared once and are then immediately available online for the shipper, transporter and the recipient. Retyping data is a thing of the past now, reducing the risk of errors. The loading and unloading times are also automatically recorded,” Nathalie Luyckx and Barry Van Leuven tell us. “Administrative staff have more time to focus on what really matters: providing customer service. Projections show that the administrative, repetitive burden can be reduced byup to 75% throughout the entire transport chain simply by digitizing the transport documents,” says Nathalie Luyckx. 

“We decided to go with Pionira as our partner because it is one of the few players that offers a modular solution. Their vision is also a good match for our ambitions to connect our company to data sharing platforms such as Nxtport and BRUcloud. Additionally, Pionira’s solutions allow us to link our internal business processes and databases to one another in a smarter way,” Nathalie says.

“It is an honor for us that a major international player like the Gosselin Group has decided to work with a technology that was developed in Belgium. A company of this size can start a snowball effect in the sector. In terms of administration, there is still a lot of room left in the transport and moving sector to achieve gains in efficiency. We hope to be able to make a contribution to these efforts,” Barry Van Leuven says.

No paper trannsport documents anymore

About the Gosselin Group

Founded in 1930, Gosselin currently employs more than 800 people who generate total sales of over 300 million Euros. Gosselin’s headquarters is located on the Albert Canal in Deurne where the container terminal connects the ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam with the European hinterland. With 56 offices in 34 countries, the company has strong representation in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia and China. The Gosselin Group consists of two divisions: Gosselin Mobility and Gosselin Logistics.

Gosselin Mobility handles international moves and offers relocation services for multinationals, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private individuals.

Gosselin Logistics provides logistics services to businesses. With activities ranging from shipping, forwarding and warehouse storage to customs formalities including specialized services such as lashing and securing and the production of wooden crates, Gosselin Logistics can offer its customers a constant supply chain.



About Pionira


Founded in 2010, Pionira was the first company in Belgium to receive accreditation for e-CMR from FOD Mobiliteit. In consultation with shippers, transporters and umbrella organizations, Pionira developed a platform to improve all of the administrative tasks.


With the Xynaps sharing platform, Pionira NV offers innovative solutions for transport and logistics, focused on improving productivity in the transport process. By using e-documents (such as e-CMR, digital transport documents and electronic identification forms), companies can digitize their document flow.


Xynaps may be described as a “transport & logistics social enterprise platform”. Using Xynaps, all of the parties involved in the transport process can gain access to relevant documents (such as CMRs, pick lists, customs documents and PODs). Depending on the assigned user rights, these documents may be consulted, modified or printed.

The ease-of-use and the smart links via API to existing transport applications and on-board computers guarantee rapid integration. Thanks to this integration, users can continue to use their current, trusted applications so that only a minimum amount of training is necessary.

The focus on a one-time registration of the information leads to increased efficiency and reliability and yields significant cost savings for all intermediate parties.

European railtransport

Experiment international relocation transport on rails rolls on

A month ago, Gosselin began testing a new multimodal solution for its international relocation shipments. In the meantime, the experiment has been successful and work is underway on a regular Antwerp-Spain route via train transport.
Operations Moving

Gosselin Belgium receives FIDI Top Performer status

After the Italian and UK office receiving the FAIM 22 Top Performer status, it was Belgium’s turn for a FIDI audit. With Belgium not only having multiple offices in Deurne and Vilvoorde, but also their own warehouses and rolling stock, the audit was extensive but successful nevertheless.
International work experience

An international work experience

With Gosselin offices all over Europe, it’s almost impossible to know everybody. However, an international working experience can be the perfect way to get acquainted with colleagues from different countries. Roberta and Patrizio from the Italian office did just that, taking the opportunity to network and brainstorm work processes.