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Russian mobility experts ready for kick-off

Soccer fever is slowly reaching its peak in Russia. Countless tourists from all over the world are exploring the country and the impressive soccer stadiums in 11 guest cities. The experienced mobility experts at Gosselin Mobility in Russia are already in tip-top condition, according to general manager Viktor Gordievich. “Even during the height of soccer madness, we will still be able to guarantee fast and timely service for our customers.”


Quality comes first

The soccer tournament has all of Russia absolutely buzzing with activity. “It’s busier than normal at the airports, customs services and shipping companies,” Viktor Gordievich says. “Thanks to our broad network and our precise preparations, we are able to offer customers the same high-quality service they have grown accustomed to. Being part of a top international company like the Gosselin Group enables us to always go the extra mile.”


Permanent moves

People who are only spending a couple of weeks in Russia are not really our target market. Viktor Gordievich: “We specialize primarily in moving the entire contents of homes for expats or people who are moving somewhere permanently. Unless of course they want to bring in such a large quantity of possessions or fragile objects, jobs for which the specific know-how of our professionals will really make a difference.”



Just like the rest of the country, the 15-man team at Gosselin Mobility Russia will be supporting their national team. “We are the host country. Unlike in the World Hockey Championships, we are not among the favorites to win this tournament,” Viktor Gordievich says. “I’m betting the winner will be a traditional soccer country like Brazil, France or Germany. Soccer is a game that’s full of surprises. Who knows? We might see a completely unexpected world champion on July 15.”

Russian mobility experts

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