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Stricter customs controls in Italy

The risk parameters in Italy for the import and export of personal belongings, furniture and used household goods (goods classed under HS code 990500) have recently been tightened up.

What does this mean for you?

Extra checks and possible delays

A recent report published by the General Management of the Customs and Monopolies Agency emphasizes that art smuggling has been on the rise for some time now in Italy.

This led to the decision to tighten up several security parameters, particularly for the import and export of used household goods.

The increase in illicit art smuggling means that customs authorities will be carrying out more far-reaching inspections and controls. These stricter procedures are expected to remain in place until the problem is under control.

Extra charges and delays can be a direct result of this and we recommend that our partners update their customers on the situation in Italy.

For further information and assistance: Italy@gosselin-moving.com

Ecodesign art move

Traveling exhibitions: recycling techniques turned into art

Gosselin moved the Ecodesign traveling exhibition, an expo that displays a variety of art created using recycling techniques and waste materials.The idea behind this exhibition is to raise awareness about environmental sustainability.

Gosselin joins efforts to support EURO2020

In spite of strict COVID measures, the European soccer federation UEFA is organizing the quadrennial EURO2020 event, and the Euro Media Group (EMG) was asked to provide the live broadcasting services for these soccer matches. Its Belgian division, Videohouse, was commissioned to deploy the necessary resources. It’s about so much more than just cameras, however. Camera people, screen direction, network connections and archiving systems must also get to where they need to be. Child’s play for Gosselin.
Pet moving Italy

Moving your pets to and from Italy

Pet moving is a highly specialized service that demands tons of TLC. Moving your pet to and from Italy is not as complicated as it may seem. Sara Piselli joined Gosselin a year ago and tells us more.