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Traveling exhibitions: old masters on world tour

In April, the American city of Auburn welcomed the Bernini & the Roman Baroque exposition. For this expo, fifty paintings and other objects created in the provocative style of Bernini, famous for the Trevi Fountain in Rome, travelled from Italy to Alabama. “This move owes its success to the tight scheduling and strict precautionary measures,” says Roberta from Gosselin Italy.

Niche market

As a high-quality moving partner, Gosselin has accumulated considerable experience in recent years in the art moves niche market. “One of our first projects was a Caravaggio expo of multimedia reproductions in 2018,” Roberta says. “The first of many more art moves that followed. We recently handled the move for the expo, ‘Bernini & the Roman Baroque: Masterpieces from Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia’ from Italy to the US. We had already been responsible for the moving aspect of this expo through Eastern Europe. This time, we arranged the tight scheduling involved in shipping the unique works of art to the city of Auburn in Alabama.”

High quality standards

Transporting these 17th century works of art is subject to strict precautionary measures. These include specialized packing methods, customs formalities, sophisticated risk management, clear project communication with all of the parties involved and so on. “Once again, our team succeeded in handling every detail in a skilled and professional manner,” Roberta explains. “We ensured that all of the masterpieces arrived in Auburn just after the new year, as planned. Unfortunately, COVID-19 measures meant that the scheduled opening had to be moved to late April.”

Art move Bernini
55 masterpieces

After Auburn in Alabama, the Bernini expo will then travel to Washington, Virginia and Florida. Roberta: “We are working with our broad network of top-notch local partners, providing them with meticulous support for the transport of the 55 works of art. The expo encompasses paintings, sketches for large frescoes and ornaments such as a decorative ceiling lamp or medallions. This highly varied mix of masterpieces all exude the turbulent nature of the Roman Baroque period.”

Portrayal of a pandemic

During the project, Roberta admits wholeheartedly how impressed she was by a few of the paintings. “Giovanni Battista Gaulli’s Saint Andrea really moved me. The intense emotions portrayed in Andrea’s facial expressions and the realistic details such as the eyebrows are masterful. Scene of Plague by Mattia Preti also made a deep impression on me. The way he depicts the emotions felt during a pandemic really moved me in these times of COVID-19 that have changed the lives of people all over the world.”

Info: http://jcsm.auburn.edu/exhibitions/romanbaroque/

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