Ship your car overseas

Gosselin moves your vehicles to and from Europe

How are cars shipped overseas?

Cars can be shipped overseas in a container or by roll on / roll off shipping, whereby your car is securely braced onto an ocean vessel without the protection of a container. 

International car shipping

Ship your car in a container

  • Weekly departures guarantee the swift shipment of your vehicles.
  • Your vehicle is safely secured in a container.
  • Higher cost than roll on roll off. 
  • Your household goods can travel with the car in the same container if required.
Roll on roll off car shipping

Ship your car through roll on roll off

  • Your car is securely braced onto an ocean vessel (without the protection of a container).
  • Monthly departures and combined shipment guarantee a lower cost, but a longer transit time.
  • Your car needs to be functioning, as for loading on and off they will require small driving paths.
  • No houshold goods can travel inside the car.

International car shipping and insurance

Cars and motor vehicles up to five years old can be ensured through our all risk policy. For cars over 5 years old, our insurance and legal department has to confirm the option of having an all risk insurance. 
Classic cars may be covered under our all risk insurance at a special rate that may be requested from the insurance company. The value of classic cars must correspond to the classic car market value.

Find out more about insuring your international move here

How much to ship a car overseas?

The cost of shipping a car overseas depends on the country of origin, the import taxes in the country of destination, the value of the car and many other factors. Fill out the contact form below to get a free estimate.

Ship your car overseas
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