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Peace of mind from A to Z

Because Gosselin takes care of the entire moving and relocation process, you can just relax and focus on your new life in Uzbekistan.

Moving internationally with Gosselin Mobility

Moving to Uzbekistan

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly how to approach your big move. Dealing with many different cases has taught us to adapt to specific circumstances and wishes.

Relocating to a new destination with Gosselin Mobility

Relocating to Uzbekistan

There’s not much fun in working with local authorities, arranging a Uzbekistan visa and other documents that define your new life. That is why we gladly do it for you. Don’t worry about unwanted surprises upon arrival.

Contact our office

Gosselin Tashkent Uzbekistan

A. Kahhar Street 40B, Yakkasaroi disctrict
8 90 185 37 94