Moving with your little ones

Moving with kids

getting them involved makes it easier

Moving with your little ones can be quite a challenge whether it's a local move or one overseas. They will have questions, fears and longings just like the rest of us. We find that getting children involved in the move makes them much more at ease with it: let them choose what they want to pack (but leave the packing to our experts), teach them about where they’re going, listen to their concerns and address them.

We've compiled a few basic tips below. Your dedicated move coordinator will also be more than happy to have an in-depth discussion with you about how to ease the transition for your kids. And once that's settled, trust our expert movers to handle your household goods with care and deliver them to their destination.

Moving with kids


  • Kids know when there are secrets: tell them you’re moving as soon as possible
  • Involve them in the move: show pictures of where you’re going, ask them what they think and feel
  • Don’t throw away old items: they may want these sources of comfort in their new home
  • Encourage them to stay in touch with friends
Packing for international move with kids
Kids' box

Allow your child to personalize their own box. That way they have a special place to transport their favorite toys. Just like Siu here who witnessed our expert moves pack her treasures in her colored box. She knew they'd be safe and taken care of during the journey. In the case of an international move, make sure to inform them their toys will take a while to arrive. Your move coordinator will keep you informed about the planning.

International moving with kids
Educational support

Gosselin can find the best local and international schools on your behalf, providing you with information on admission requirements, registration details and advice on foreign education systems. Your children deserve the best during an international assignment.

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