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Moving to or from Montenegro

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International moving services

Are you moving to one of the many beautiful countries in Montenegro? Moving your entire household and life to a new home is not a walk in the park.

That is why trusting on an experienced international moving specialist like Gosselin is the way to go. We make sure everything gets to its new destination, while you are left with nothing but peace of mind.

Gosselin international moving services

20+ years of experience & expertise in Montenegro

Ever since the late 1990’s, Gosselin has been moving diplomats, international corporation employees and private persons to Montenegro. 

On top of moving your household, Gosselin takes care of the entire relocation process. Think of it as setting up anything you need to actually start off your new life: sorting out your visa, medical insurance and housing contracts or subscribing your dear children to the ideal school, for example, are far less of a hassle when you let an experienced party like Gosselin handle it.

How we move your household goods

Moving to Montenegro and other Southeast European gems

Montenegro and its capital Podgorica are popular places among expats. For you, moving to Montenegro will almost feel like going on a holiday. You enjoy, we take care of the rest. Whether we’re moving your car or cat to its new location, we handle it with the utmost care. 

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