Moving to and from Romania

Moving to and from Romania

Easier than it seems

Moving internationally

Moving your entire life to or from Romania is impossible to take lightly. It’s a very time-consuming task that requires impeccable organisational skills. That is why putting the right people on it, makes all the difference between a financial nightmare and a smooth relocation to Romania.

Gosselin has been moving diplomats, employees and private persons to Romania – especially Bucharest – ever since the late 1980’s. Always safely moving belongings, but leaving worries behind.

So how to move to Romania? Putting your trust into the hands of Gosselin is the right step. Our experienced team has all the necessary knowledge and experience to start off your new life in the best possible circumstances. We are today’s provider of choice for many diplomatic services, international corporations and private persons for the whole territory of Romania.

Moving your valuable belongings to Romania

We don’t usually trust our most valuable belongings to an inexperienced party. Since a flawless relocation is vital, trusting a versed company like Gosselin with the task is a logical step.

Gosselin international moving services

Moving to Romania with care

Nothing is more important to us than what is important to you. Whether it is your dear pet or your favourite car, we move it with the utmost care as if they were our own.

Moving to Romania is one thing. Relocating to Romania doesn’t only entail getting your belongings from one place to another, it also means you need to get all details right to start off a new life. It’s what Gosselin does best: relocating to Romania.

How we move your household goods

Relocating to Romania: moving to a life, not just a home

Our relocation service covers important steps like taking care of current and new contracts, finding you the perfect gym as a Bucharest expat and the right school for your children and of course coping with the Romanian visa requirements. Leaving these matters in experienced hands means nothing but peace of mind.

Are you moving to or from Poland?

Interesting opportunities

Our Gosselin Romania staff has exactly what you need: years of experience moving diplomats from several European institutions and embassies, high-level multinational managers as well as private persons.
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