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Providing our customers a worry-free international moving experience: that's our mutual ambition.  Same as you, we need to be able to rely on a network of quality moving partners around the globe to service our customers best. Did you know that we have our own teams across 34 countries in Europe, the Caucasus & Central Asia? We look forward to be your move companion at the other end of the world. Look no further, this is the place where we connect with our worldwide partners.

online pricing

Destination rates

The MATT 2.0 online pricing platform is available 24/7 and offers you instant access to rates for both origin and destination services, as well as groupage container destination rates for the entire Gosselin footprint. Stephanie and her team are happy to answer all your questions.
Groupage solutions

Groupage solutions

Do you have smaller shipments on a frequent basis? Gosselin offers freight consolidation services for many different routes so that we can handle your shipments at a more economical rate. Lennert and his team help you find the most appropriate routing.
We transport your goods internationally

Export and pan-European rates

Our footprint across Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia is unique and gives you the opportunity to keep your shipments with one partner only even though it may cross several countries across an entire continent. And obviously we not only have you covered on pan-European shipments but each of our offices also has above standard expertise on inter-continental shipments. Get your rate today.
Jessica is our partner relations manager

Your partner relations team

Jessica Deutschmann, Partner relations manager, has been leading our partner team since July 2019.  Team members are familiar faces Barbara Savelli, Markus Widmann, Dennis Van den Bussche, Iain Adams and Lennert De Jong.

Moving moments

A lot is moving at our side of the world. Connecting with our partners is key to us. That's exactly why we are sharing our quarterly partners newsletter with you. Not receiving it yet,? Hurry up and subscribe here and share with your colleagues.
Quality is key

Quality is key

When working with us, you can always rely on our people. Whether they’re in Paris or Tblisi, Zagreb or Moscow: everyone at Gosselin focuses on achieving an outstanding level of customer satisfaction.

Handy guidelines
It is our desire to facilitate your day-to-day routines. This is why we are working on providing you with a set of useful tools and guidelines. As we go, this collection will undoubtedly grow. Customs charts, consignment instructions, billing guidelines are available for download.

Gosselin customs guidelines

Customs guidelines

Of course clearing customs is an integral part of any international move. We have created handy customs guidelines per country, comes in handy, no?
Gosselin consignment instructions

Consignment instructions

Thanks for working with us. To guarantee a seamless move for your customers, consigning your customer's shipment correctly is part of the deal.
Billing correctly saves us time and money

Billing instructions

It goes without saying that correct billing allows us all to work more efficiently. This is why we have made this handy overview in which we share detailed billing instructions when working with our local branches.

Recent news

Moving the art of the German Impressionist

Moving the art of the German impressionists

Many German impressionists are not widely known by the general public as their work was seldom seen outside of Germany. The Italian Museo Archeologico in Valle d’Aosta and Gosselin are changing all that now.
Italian heritage hits the road

Italian heritage hits the road

In mid-2019, the exposition Italy: The (In)visible Stories set off for a tour around the world, with Gosselin’s help. “The project ran into corona problems along the way. Fortunately, this didn’t get in the way of moving the art nor did it put a damper on the enthusiastic reception,” according to organizer Riccardo Anderi of Glocal Project.

Georgia - A quarter century of top-notch service

What once began as a modest two-man company in an 80 m2 apartment in Tbilisi has grown to become a leading firm with a staff of 30 at its own 2,500 m2 business premises. John Braeckeveldt leads the moving team in Georgia and gives us a few highlights of the company’s 25 years in business.
online pricing

Online pricing for entire Gosselin footprint

We are excited to announce that the online pricing system MATT 2.0 is available for all Gosselin branch offices.
Marcel Boer

Marcel Boer - In loving memory

It is with great sadness that we inform you about the unexpected passing of our beloved colleague Marcel Boer. Marcel, aged 47 was diagnosed with cancer only a few days before he died on 15 April 2020.
Italian cultural heritage

Italian cultural heritage tours Europe

What happens when you combine art and heritage with the Italian embassy’s network and Gosselin’s know-how? This results in a surprising and varied exposition on the soul of Italy, organized in minute detail, and travelling through Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bulgaria.
senior management appointment

Senior management appointments

During this unprecedented corona virus emergency, there is some positive news about senior management appointments here at Gosselin.
corona update

Corona update on our moving services across Europe

As Europe is handling the corona virus outbreak on a per country basis, Gosselin would like to inform its worldwide customers, partners and suppliers of all the moving services that are available in each country.
IMA conference

My first IMA conference for Gosselin

This year the IMA conference (International Mobility Alliance) took place in the beautiful city of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our partner relations manager, Jessica Deutschmann, was present and documented her experiences.
impact of corona

Impact of corona on our moving operations

Many clients are asking us about the impact of the Corona virus in Europe and its implications on trade and the movement of goods.
operations in Italy

Our operations in Italy

Even though the Coronavirus has put restrictions on travel in Italy, there are no restrictions on the transport of goods nor on customs activities.
A good dose of people skills

A good dose of people skills

Jill works as a move coordinator for the moving division in Antwerp. “There’s no such thing as a typical work day for a move coordinator,” Jill says.

For more news, we refer to our news page.

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