Gosselin moves household goods and more

What we move

Entire household goods, instruments, fine arts, vehicles, pets, entire offices, traveling exhibitions and more

Moving household goods overseas

We move just about anything. But it goes without saying that you want more details before handing us over your most valuable possessions. Below are categories of what we move and how we do it. Feel free to browse through them or ask us anything about categories we didn’t display.

Gosselin international moving services

Moving your entire household

We take care of everything from packing to transportation and unpacking until the very last box.
Pet moving in the Caucasus

Moving your pet internationally

Don’t leave your furred and feathered friends behind. We transport your pets safely and securely to their new home.
Gosselin moves your car internationally

Global vehicle transport

We have the expertise to safely and securely transport your wheels wherever they need to go.
Traveling exhibitions in Europe

Traveling exhibitions

Are you planning a European art tour? Gosselin provides smooth logistics operations. Our experience in moving art internationally makes the difference.
Gosselin moves your excess baggage

Excess baggage

Gosselin provides excess baggage services in collaboration with third party provider Baggagehub. Ideal in case you are moving less than 2 cubic meters in volume. 

We also move just about anybody. Expats, private persons, diplomats, military personnel and their families. Moving with kids can be quite challenging. We will tailor our services to your specific needs and wishes. 

Diplomatic moving with Gosselin

Moving diplomats and embassies

For diplomats and public officials, moving abroad is part of the job description. We make sure it does not become a job in itself.
Moving with kids

Moving with kids

Moving with little ones can be quite a challenge. They will have questions, fears and longings just like the rest of us. 


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