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How we move

Your move in 8 steps

Pre-move survey 1
Offer 2
Plan & preparation 3
Packing 4
Transport 5
Customs clearance 6
Delivery & unpacking 7
Client satisfaction 8

Step 1

Pre-move survey

The on-site survey is the key to success. Our surveyor verifies your volume, requirements and conditions. This helps us avoid unpleasant surprises and makes for a transparent 8-step moving process.

Step 2


Now that we know what we are moving for you, you’ll receive a no-obligations quote based upon step 1. Transparency is the keyword. You’ll know precisely what you’re going to get.

Step 3

Plan & preparation

Once you accepted our quote, you’ll get a personal move coordinator as your single point of contact throughout the entire process. He or she will provide you with a detailed plan containing dates and actions. You’ll know what’s happening at all times.

Step 4

Expert packing

Our expert packing crews work their magic to protect your belongings and minimize movement on the journey. You’ll get to sign a personalized inventory of your goods as to avoid unpleasant surprises upon arrival.

Step 5


Depending on your specific needs, we ship your goods via air, sea, road or rail. Together we will find the right solution, taking costs, timing and efficiency into account.

Step 6

Customs clearance

You probably know how it feels to be stuck at customs when all you wanted was for your holiday to start smoothly. We’ll have none of that when moving your belongings: wherever you go, we will help you complete all customs documentation and have it all ready for delivery.

Step 7

Delivery & unpacking

Time to get moving! Your personal move coordinator keeps you up to date about arrival times and - let’s hope not - any delays. We’ll deliver everything to your door, unload it all into the rooms you have specified and unpack so your new life can start NOW.

Step 8

Client satisfaction

We can’t be happy unless you are. Once you’re all set, we kindly ask you to complete a satisfaction survey. Your feedback helps us to enhance the experience of our clients and improve our services.

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