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Moving to and from Ukraine

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Your moving company in Kiev

Moving to Ukraine is a big step. It’s not one you should take alone. Because moving abroad – to any country – and starting a new life in an entirely different place is intense. Gosselin covers everything, from bringing your household to your new home to all necessary administrative details.

We assist both diplomatic and corporate moves. We provide all the necessary experience as far as relocations, origin & destination services and transportation of pets are concerned.

All administration in experienced hands

Coping with Ukrainian bureaucracy is a complicated chore we gladly handle. Our years of experience with local authorities, we ensure a time and energy saving process that gets you a head start in your new life. 

Gosselin international moving services

Moving to Ukraine

Your household is in safe and experienced hands with us. Our services cover everything from organising facilities to store your household, to packing and transferring luggage to your new home. We take the utmost care of anything we touch.

How we move your household goods

Relocating to Ukraine

Gosselins service doesn’t stop once having made your way to Ukraine. Instead, it’s where the actual new life starts. Arranging a Ukrainian visa and coping with immigration, for instance, is a step we gladly take for you. In addition, we take care of all contracts - both private and professional - you or your family may have. 

Moving to and from Ukraine with Gosselin

Moving to Kiev or Odessa?

It probably won’t come as a surprise when we tell you places like Kiev and Odessa are quite different from most European cities. Trust Gosselin to guide you through the moving process. Let's get in touch!
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