Gosselin moves you to and from Belgium

Moving to and from Belgium

with peace of mind

Moving to Belgium

Taking all your belongings and moving to Belgium, the heart of Europe, might seem like quite a stress-causing hassle. That is where the Gosselin team steps in. Our 50 professional movers, move coordinators and relocation experts, from offices in both Brussels and Antwerp, take care of the entire process. You can focus on your new life and all that it entails.

Whether you are moving to Brussels, moving to Antwerp or any other city, at Gosselin we have built up years of experience moving private persons, corporate assignees and diplomats from several European institutions and embassies.

The Gosselin offices in Belgium are FIDI compliant, which means they operate according to the highest quality standard in the moving industry. Welcome to Belgium!

Moving and relocating to Belgium

Gosselin is the ideal trustworthy partner to move all your belongings to a new home.

Gosselin international moving services

Let's move!

We will pack, move and unpack your household goods. During the entire moving process, we will take care of your belongings as if they were our own. Do you need permanent or temporary storage? We provide storage services in our own secured warehouses. Are you moving a vehicle or a pet? Let Gosselin take care of it.

How we move your household goods

We guide you from A to Z

Let us assist you. As a leading international moving specialist we move you from almost any country in the world to Belgium. Setting up everything you need to get your new life started; that is what we know and do best. 

Gosselin moves you to and from Belgium

Moving to Brussels as a diplomat

More than 5,000 diplomats live and work in Brussels, the highest number of any city in the world. It is the home of many European institutions and around 180 embassies, many of which are familiar with Gosselin’s excellent moving services.
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