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Insurance for international and domestic moves

Gosselin will always treat your belongings with the utmost of care, but human error and ‘Murphy's law’ are nonetheless possible. Having insurance coverage allows you to focus on the actual removal, rather than worrying about unforeseen complications.

Our affordable, ‘all-risk’ insurance policy covers your entire shipment, rather than only certain pieces. You are protected from fire, theft or breakages from the moment your goods are packed to the moment they are delivered, giving you peace of mind from start to finish.

The best insurance

Having your goods packed by trained professionals using the right materials is your best possible insurance you can get. Your goods are protected to the highest standards and you'll be covered in case something goes wrong.

Save yourself time and stress: let our professionals do it for you!

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All risk insurance

  • For goods in transit
  • Full replacement cover
  • Mechanical derangement cover
  • Pairs and sets cover
  • Mould and mildew cover
  • Clear & straightforward policy
  • Export valuation service
  • Storage insurance also available

Claims Handling

Accidents can and do happen. We have an excellent track record for claims-free moves, but should an accident befall your shipment, we make the claims process quick and simple.

Want to know how it works in advance? Simply download our insurance brochure (Tips & Guides). Your Move Coordinator will be more than happy to explain your insurance options and the claims process with you, too.

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