Moving to or from Azerbaijan

Are you moving to or from Azerbaijan?

Your new life begins here

Azerbaijan is home to many beautiful natural sceneries and the intriguing city of Baku, among others. Moving to Azerbaijan might seem like quite a complicated matter that would consume a great deal of your time and effort. Gosselin will help you move to Azerbaijan in the best possible circumstances and take away anything that causes you stress.

Gosselin transports your life and everything it entails to Azerbaijan and deals with the entire administrative hassle. And because we value working by the book, we signed an anti-bribery and anti-corruption code of ethics.

Gosselin and its 15 Azeri employees have been moving diplomats, corporate employees and private persons for over 20 years, transporting their households worldwide and getting people a head start on their new life as an expat. For BP alone, we relocate about 600 expats per year to Azerbaijan. And since Azerbaijan is home to about 139 embassies, we constantly work with diplomats as well.

Moving and relocating to Azerbaijan: count on Gosselin

Whether you need someone to move your household goods or rather guide you through the entire relocation process, Gosselin can help you from a to z.

Gosselin packs your household goods professionally

Moving to Azerbaijan

You have it, we pack it. Anything that needs to move from your old to your new home, is in our safe hands. We pack and transfer it all to Azerbaijan, so you can relax and concentrate on your new life.

Moving services at destination

Relocating to Azerbaijan

Gosselin goes the extra mile. We find your children the right schools and make sure you get the most attractive energy and Internet rates. We sort out anything that defines your new life.

Living in Baku

Living in Baku

The old city of Baku is the favorite sight of almost every tourist visiting Azerbaijan. Living in Baku is quite an experience, surrounded by beautiful temples, towers and parks.
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