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An international work experience

Move Coordinators … Moving their world!

With Gosselin offices all over Europe, it’s almost impossible to know everybody. However, an international working experience can be the perfect way to get acquainted with colleagues from different countries. Roberta and Patrizio from the Italian office did just that, taking the opportunity to network and brainstorm work processes.

“We all know how important a human touch is and how different conversations are with colleagues face-to-face instead of via email. Roberta and Patrizio were the first ones of the Italian team to undertake this experience, and it benefited the whole team, as knowledge is shared with all colleagues upon return, and improvements are made thanks to everyone’s commitment. It is so rewarding to see their passion for the moving industry. Keep up the good work!” says Country Manager of Italy, Barbara Savelli.

UK office

Roberta worked from the UK for a week, handling her own files, but with the added possibility of asking senior operational colleagues for their views and tactics. “The UK colleagues are experts in the use of Moveware software and have a very pragmatic customer service approach to every move. I feel I gathered some additional inputs on how to work smarter on my files using the same company tools in a more focused way.”

After work hours, Roberta got a taste of the local cuisine when her colleagues took her out to dinner. “I love the British culture and their language. Visiting the UK office has been an incredible opportunity. This experience boosted my confidence in handling my files autonomously and adapting to new colleagues and a different work atmosphere. Resilience and flexibility are two qualities that can make a difference in a more senior role in the industry, and that’s definitely something you acquire by partaking in projects such as these.”

The biggest difference Roberta noticed between her and her colleagues in London is how they use the lunchtime break. “In Italy, we all gather around the table at lunch and use that time to talk about private life or have a walk in the park if the weather permits it. In the UK office, you can have a delicious cup of tea (with milk, of course) while having a chat and not necessarily during lunch. But despite the differences, we’re all part of the same Group and embrace the same company values!”

“It was a pleasure to have Roberta choose to come and spend time with the London office. The team and I enjoyed her company. We would love to have her back, but if Roberta could bring some of the Italian weather with her next time, that would be fantastic!” laughs Operations Director of the UK office, Emma Lightfoot.

International work experience UK office

Berlin office

Patrizio went on a similar work experience and ended up in the Berlin office. He opted for Germany because they’ve only just started the branch there, and he was curious to see how they handled their moves. “I had not coordinated many moves directly between Germany and Italy, so I did not really know my colleagues, not even from behind the computer screen. This experience has been very useful in enriching my personal background and gaining new reference points in the business. I added to my growth training for a more 360° view of the company, which will definitely be useful to me in the future.”

Apart from the external temperature being very different (it started to snow!), Patrizio also noticed a difference in the office itself. “Everybody worked quietly, whereas there are often meetings between move coordinators and the team leader from the Italian office to consult on cases. However, Dennis immediately put me at ease, and he was extremely nice to work with and was always willing to discuss different tactics and processes.”

“It was a pleasure for us to welcome Patrizio to our office in Berlin for 4 days. It is always good to see a face rather than just email or hear a voice. We could share our experiences, talk about processes in our offices, and learn from each other about what can be improved. The program is helping our teams to get another view on different things. Additionally, Patrizio now has a personal contact with our office, and we have one with the Italian Operations team. It’s a goal for all of us,” adds Branch Manager for Germany, Dennis Cuhls.


International work experience Berlin office

You can reach the office in Italy at: 

Barbara Savelli
Country Manager

About Gosselin

Gosselin is a leading provider of international moving and destination services. Our clients are  multinationals, relocation management companies, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private persons. With 56 offices in 34 countries, Gosselin has a strong presence in Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia.  

Gosselin is a division of the Gosselin Group that has its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in 1930 and employs a staff of 975 that generates more than 450 million euros in turnover.

Arne Quinze Beijing transport

Belgian art in Beijing

For the FPS Foreign Affairs, Gosselin moved a work of art by renowned artist Arne Quinze. The sculpture and accompanying pedestal were transported from Sint-Martems-Latem to Liège airport. From there, the more than 2-tonne artwork flew to Beijing. 
European railtransport

Experiment international relocation transport on rails rolls on

A month ago, Gosselin began testing a new multimodal solution for its international relocation shipments. In the meantime, the experiment has been successful and work is underway on a regular Antwerp-Spain route via train transport.
Operations Moving

Gosselin Belgium receives FIDI Top Performer status

After the Italian and UK office receiving the FAIM 22 Top Performer status, it was Belgium’s turn for a FIDI audit. With Belgium not only having multiple offices in Deurne and Vilvoorde, but also their own warehouses and rolling stock, the audit was extensive but successful nevertheless.