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Business Activity Ukraine and Russia: Update

April 19 2022: Following the 5th package of EU sanctions vs Russia and Belarus and particularly vs Russian and Belarusian transport companies, we now have some additional information to share.

Belarussian authorities announced restrictions as of 15th April 2022 for EU registered trucks to cross Belarus border.

The options for international transport to / from EU vs Russia will be even more limited and tariffs already sharply raised accordingly.

Actually, the transportation from Russia to EU and vice versa is still possible through Russian / Latvian border by EU transport (particularly Polish and Lithuanian transport).

The transportation from Russia through Belarussian border to EU and vice versa is still also possible by transport companies registered in Kazakhstan arranging deliveries to EU.

There is also an option under consideration by transport companies and authorities: transportation by Russian and Belarussian transport to Belarus / Poland border, unloading to customs warehouse there and re-loading on EU transport for further transport in EU till final destination point.

Gosselin is adjusting its supply chain options according to these further changes and restrictions. Moving rates will of course be affected, but we will continue to provide ‘live’ rates to agents, on an ongoing basis, as promptly as possible.

Thank you all for your support and cooperation during these unprecedented times.


Business Activity Ukraine on hold

For the latest updates on Russia please contact Viktor Gordievich. For rates requests please contact Andrey Khomenko.

The situation remains very tense and is prone to fast changes. Our colleagues will do everything they can to inform partners and customers about changes that might impact their move(s).

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