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First edition of the Federation of Italian Mover’s event

Barbara Savelli, Country Manager of Gosselin Moving Italy, took part in the first Federation Italian Mover’s Event (FIM)  in Rome. Matteo Salvini, Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, welcomed the FIM delegation and took concrete steps to support the industry's needs.

“I was thrilled to participate in the first edition of this event,” says Barbara Savelli. “The FIM board also extended invitations to esteemed international guests such as Bertil Durieux from FEDEMAC and Matthieu Odijk from IAM. We engaged in compelling discussions on current market challenges and opportunities abroad.”

FIM comprises members from two well-established Italian associations, AITI and ATP, working together to achieve crucial industry objectives. One ambitious goal is the recognition of the mover’s category within the legislative framework. “The entire event exuded enthusiasm and fostered a strong sense of ‘together we can go a long way.’ Well done, Italian Movers!” concludes Barbara.

FIM event
You can reach the office in Italy at: 

Barbara Savelli
Branch Manager

About Gosselin

Gosselin is a leading provider of international moving and destination services. Our clients are  multinationals, relocation management companies, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private persons. With 56 offices in 34 countries, Gosselin has a strong presence in Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia.  

Gosselin is a division of the Gosselin Group that has its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in 1930 and employs a staff of 975 that generates more than 450 million euros in turnover.

Arne Quinze Beijing transport

Belgian art in Beijing

For the FPS Foreign Affairs, Gosselin moved a work of art by renowned artist Arne Quinze. The sculpture and accompanying pedestal were transported from Sint-Martems-Latem to Liège airport. From there, the more than 2-tonne artwork flew to Beijing. 
European railtransport

Experiment international relocation transport on rails rolls on

A month ago, Gosselin began testing a new multimodal solution for its international relocation shipments. In the meantime, the experiment has been successful and work is underway on a regular Antwerp-Spain route via train transport.
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Gosselin Belgium receives FIDI Top Performer status

After the Italian and UK office receiving the FAIM 22 Top Performer status, it was Belgium’s turn for a FIDI audit. With Belgium not only having multiple offices in Deurne and Vilvoorde, but also their own warehouses and rolling stock, the audit was extensive but successful nevertheless.