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My first conferences for Gosselin


“My first few months at Gosselin have been very exciting”, says Jessica. “For the past three amazing weeks, I have been meeting our worldwide partners in the US and Canada.”

“It was great to catch up with everyone. What a lovely experience it was to get together with all my new colleagues at the IAM Conference and seeing what a great team we are. They made me feel very welcome and trusted me with arranging the entire agenda for the team. I can imagine that it must have been quite scary to have the ‘new girl’ do it. Everything worked out very well and that made me happy. We had some very good meetings and the feedback we received from all our worldwide moving friends was incredible.”

“As our industry is constantly talking about changes and how they will impact and affect us, it is great to be part of a team that has experienced many changes in the past two years. One can really feel the earth moving under our feet and even though it can be challenging sometimes, I am proud to be part of it.”

“The conversation about changes, generations and technology continued when we made our way to Boston to attend the ERC as well as some RMC Global Supplier Meetings. Gosselin picked up two industry awards, which just emphasizes even more that even in times of change, quality, commitment, and attitude remained at a steady high with our teams in Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. Well done!”

“I cannot stress enough how much I am looking forward to the future and working closer with everyone. Thanks for the all the support from the entire Gosselin team as well as all our wonderful partners.”


See you soon!

first conferences for Gosselin