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My first IMA conference for Gosselin

“The IMA (International Mobility Alliance) is one of the smaller conferences, which makes it very unique and gives it a homely feeling. It does however provide the full range of networking possibilities, one-on-one meeting schedules, as well as organized tours and evening events. After only four days I was sure to have talked to every agent at least once.

This year some of the biggest networks in the industry attended, as well as a good mixture of companies from all over the globe.

I am convinced that this conference will only grow stronger in the next years. Organizer Patricia Jade Ooi is still keeping its next location confidential; no doubt it will be held in another wonderful city in Asia. At Gosselin we are already looking forward to attending in 2021!”


“I am very grateful that I could still travel to Asia and meet our partners in Singapore and attend the conference, despite the outbreak of COVID-19. The IMA team was able to proceed with the conference as planned and I was able to get home safely, without any issue with my flights.

The Coronavirus will definitely be a challenge in our industry, in which we rely so much on personal relationships. On a positive note, I believe it will also teach us how to truly stay connected with each other.”

IMA conference

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Czech consul move

Gosselin: the moving company that always makes you feel at home

The Czech Consulate in Sydney reached out over 16,000 kilometers to request a quote for the relocation of the Consul back to her home country again after five years in Australia. The Gosselin office in Czechia was more than happy to handle the full-container move and the client was delighted with her Czech move coordinator.
Contemporary art and artists from Italy

The Silk Road, a route of collaborations

The Silk Road, Contemporary Art and Artists from Italy is an exhibition that travels the ancient trading route connecting China with the West. Gosselin proves to be the perfect partner with offices that cover the entire Silk Road area from the Caucasus, Central-Asia, and Europe.
UniMove Rotterdam joins Gosselin Group

UniMove Rotterdam joins Gosselin Group!

January 2022 - Gosselin proudly announces its acquisition of UniMove bv, the Rotterdam-based international moving and storage business founded in 2007 by Michel Paijens and Raymond van Dijk.