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New FIDI member Gosselin Mobility Italy shows ambition

“We are extremely proud,” Barbara Savelli, Director of Gosselin Mobility Italy explains, “Reaching full compliance as a first-time top performer applicant and doing it with zero nonconformities is very special to us and everybody we have ever worked with and for in the past. I’m convinced it will open doors and strengthen our existing alliances.”

FIDI Global Alliance is the only network of global mobility specialists who comply with an internationally recognized quality standard. To be accredited by FIDI, a company must comply with over 200 quality requirements which cover every aspect of the administration and performance of an international removal. These consider every facet of a moving company's operations and services to customers, procedures, staff training, vehicle and warehouse maintenance and facilities.

Gosselin Mobility Italy now plays in the big league. “In Italy there are only 8 FIDI companies, it was a natural step for us to achieve the listing in the highly ranked quality-compliant companies, while we continue to build our brand awareness in Italy and keep our promises towards our corporate customers and partner agents,” Savelli elaborates, “it was certainly a good exercise path for my sales and operations team who gained a higher understanding of the reason why certain applied procedures and instructions allow them to work even more efficient.”

As FIDI companies work to a worldwide common standard for managing and performing international moving services in a uniformed, quality-minded and effective way. It also provides a transparent mechanism that ensures that the standards remain high.

“From an end customer's point of view, a FAIM certified company gives the person who moves and the HR department who is organizing his move, confidence that the company knows the business and has the resources and know-how to do the job properly,” Savelli says, “therefor we are so proud to have taken this hurdle with such confidence and success.”

New fidi member shows ambition

About Gosselin
Founded in 1930, Gosselin Group employs over 800 people with expected sales reaching 300 million Euros. With 56 group offices in 34 countries, the company has strong representation throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. Gosselin Mobility handles international moving and relocation services for multinationals, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private individuals.
Gosselin Logistics provides business to business logistics services.

Art move Arne Quinze

Moving art can become a masterpiece

Artist Arne Quinze contacted Gosselin to move several large sculptures to the international exposition that is being held in Jebel Ali (Dubai). A total of six containers will be required for the move.
Decommissioned cargo ship

Cruising in old containers on a decommissioned cargo ship

The MS Attila is the first cruise ship to sail on the lakes in Switzerland. The former cargo ship was repurposed as a luxury hotel with the help of nine Gosselin Group storage containers.
Branch managers Gosselin offices

FIDI FAIM re-certification huge success

Three more Gosselin offices have recently re-obtained their FIDI certification. FIDI is an organization whose membership is restricted to moving companies that have successfully completed a certification procedure. This results in a network of FIDI-certified agents. Seeing as how all three offices passed their recertification audit successfully, we asked branch managers Laurent (Switzerland), Barbara (Italy) and Viktor (Russia) about their experience with this remote process organized using Microsoft Teams.