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Team Azerbaijan wins Lufthansa award

Heydar Aliyev International Airport is one of the largest and newest cargo terminals in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Its location is Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, which is becoming more and more of a trading hub between Europe and Asia.

Last month Lufthansa held its annual award show in Baku. Gosselin received the award for best development, meaning that we increased our volume in air cargo the most over the past year.

Ramin Hasanov, branch manager of the Gosselin team in Azerbaijan says: “I am very happy that we received this award. I am very proud of my team. We recently hired new people because the amount of work keeps on increasing. This award also shows that team Azerbaijan has been doing a great job in the past and will continue to do so in the future.”

Team Azerbaijan

About Gosselin
Gosselin was founded in 1930 and employs 750 people who generate more than 200 million Euros in sales. The headquarters of Gosselin are located at the Albert Canal in Deurne, and its inland terminal connects the ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam with the European hinterland. The company has 48 offices in 32 countries and has a strong presence in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia and China. The Gosselin Group consists of two divisions: Gosselin Mobility and Gosselin Logistics.
Gosselin Mobility offers international moves and relocation services for multinationals, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private persons.
Gosselin Logistics provides logistics services, with activities ranging from freight forwarding and warehousing to customs formalities, including highly specialized services such as lashing and securing and the production of wooden storage crates. Gosselin Logistics provides a constant supply chain for its customers.