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Travelling exhibitions demand expert packing

Gosselin completed a new fine art move for the National Archeologic Museum, Aquilea. Twenty-five works of ancient art had to be moved from Italy to Lithuania, and the museum was looking for a packing expert.

“Assignments like these always require extra care,” team operation leader Andrea Cardelli of the Italian office explains. “We used a combination of the synthetic fabric Tyvek and cardboard boxes to carefully pack all of the paintings and sculptures. A condition report was required for each piece of art that was loaded into the truck. When the packing was finished, the owner of the museum was very satisfied with our service.”

Travelling exhibition

(Photos courtesy of the National Museum of Lithuania)

The Museum of Aquileia has one of the largest collections on the Roman Empire and was asked to send art to be included in the travelling exhibition “1,000,000 steps: The Amber Road from Rome to the Baltic.” Historical artifacts have also arrived from Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Poland. The exhibition is currently open to the public at the National Museum of Lithuania.

You can reach the office in Italy at: 

Barbara Savelli
Branch Manager

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Moving to London - a proud member of BAR

Are you moving to London or moving to the UK? Gosselin is a proud member of BAR, the British Association of Removers.

Gosselin makes your move smooth and stress-free

Sometimes people have no idea about the total volume of their possessions when they move. Fortunately, Gosselin offers G.U.E.S.T (Gosselin User Enabled Survey Tool), an online survey tool that will help you get an estimate of your international moving costs. All you need is a smartphone with a camera and a little time to film your household goods.
Car transport

Transporting a classic car across the ocean

When a client was planning his return to Italy after living in the U.S. for the past 15 years, he wanted to take his precious Porsche 911 with him. The car was first transported across the U.S. by train and then shipped to Italy in a container. Gosselin handled all of the communications to get the car released on time, avoiding expensive fees, and helped with the customs process and registration.