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Expanding knowledge in Bucharest

Expanding knowledge in Bucharest

In early November, a group of 13 employees went to Bucharest for intensive training. During the five-day training program, the participants were given the opportunity to really expand their knowledge on moving. We asked Caroline Stroobants about her experience.
Setting up the competence

Setting up the competence center for a new big client

We are willing to go far to offer our clients the best possible service. For our new client, a large internet company, we set up an entirely new team. Read the interview with Silvia Ciubotaru, team leader of the competence center.
when movers move

When movers move | Olivier Ravon

Coincidence or not? Many of Gosselin’s employees also happen to be expats who have seen a considerable part of the world during their travels. An interview with Olivier Ravon about living, quality of life and finding happiness in France and Romania.